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Amalelingue. Learn Italian in Italy

Outside the sky over Genova, San Lorenzo Cathedral and the Torre Grimaldina. Inside, colorful and welcoming classrooms and specialized skilled teachers. This is Amalelingue, a small quality school which has been committed for years to supporting the study of the Italian and foreign languages.
If you want to improve your abilities or to learn a new language – Italian to foreigners, English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, in group or individual courses – Amalelingue with its friendly and professional environment is the place to be.
Our methods and optimal classroom size enable students to receive all due attention so as to reach their goals and attain a better command of the language in question.

Amalelingue offers courses and programs reflecting different learner profiles, along with a range of cultural activities (cookery, sailing, photography, creative labs etc.) all run by professionals from their respective fields.

Amalelingue is also a certified training center serving the University for Foreigners of Siena; it specializes in training and in-service courses, as well as in seminars for teachers and in Ditals certification (Levels I and II) preparatory courses.

Amalelingue: it is our desire to spread the love for languages – boasting our professional know-how, to boot. Results speak for themselves.

  • I came here to learn Italian as part of my Erasmus programme and was sad to leave - beautiful location right in the middle of the Genoa's historic centre (the windows face the San Lorenzo cathedral), perfect for taking a dreamy stroll in the "vicoli" every day after class. Also the teachers are incredibly nice and funny - thanks Paola and Rosita for everything!
    Oliver, UK
  • Amalelingue provides competent, professional and friendly teaching. I have returned several times since my first course in 2007, including twice to prepare for different levels of the CILS exam (successfully, thanks to my teacher's hard work!). I recommend the school highly, whatever your level of Italian may be.
    Harriet, Canada
  • One of the best experiences on a recent trip to Italy was the 2 hour lesson at Amalelingue. My family and I had just one day in Genova, a Sunday, and when no other school would accommodate us Amalelingue put together a customized lesson teaching us the basic Italian language skills we would need on our tour. Our teacher was fantastic; she prepared a great lesson plan and patiently worked with us to build our skills. Grazie mille!
    Duane, USA
  • I have been a language teacher for more than twenty years. I have taught people from all over the world and managed large scale language centres. So when I decided to study Italian, I was very nervous. I knew I'd be critical of the methods of teaching and very frustrated if the language course was not going to be just perfect. I visited a number of schools in Milano and Genoa before I finally chose amalelingue. When I met Rosita the first time it was clear to me that she runs the school with integrity and that students come first. I started my language course in February and did not have even one second of disappointment. The school is located in the most central and beautiful part of Genoa and both Rosita and Paola are extremely professional. They teach Italian based on the most recent theories of language teaching. They are patient, supportive and fun to work with. I loved my course at amalelingue. I would recommend the school to anyone who is looking to learn a language in a professional yet relaxed environment. Thank you amalelingue!
    Sue, Australia