Cookery classes

Why not combine Italian language and cookery classes? Amalelingue presents such an opportunity: a general Italian course plus 1, 2 or 3 cookery lessons a week (not recommended in the case of absolute beginner students).
What’s cooking in the kitchen?
Cookery lessons will be held in the kitchen of a super-skilled, Italian chef, where you will learn exquisite traditional Italian and Ligurian cuisine (bread, focaccia, pasta, pesto, vegetable pies, cakes…) and will enjoy it all in the atmosphere of an Italian night out.

Group size: min 1 – max 4.
Minimum duration: 1 week standard Italian course plus 3-hour catering school (1 lesson).
Registration: at least 10 days before the day to be chosen.
Fee for a single cookery class (3 hrs): € 75 (catering school recipes and instructions, ingredients, class meals and beverages).

Payment in full is required at the time of registration.