Paganini tour

Paganini, rockstar?

Violinist and composer, Paganini is one of the most peculiar and mysterious personalities belonging to nineteenth century music.
Celebrated as the greatest violin virtuoso of his time, a variety of legends haunt the memory of his persona – not least the claim of his extraordinary technical skill being directly linked to the devil.
The film industry too has paid its tribute – as has his hometown Genova, which recalls her son in the Premio Paganini competition, drawing participants from all over the world. A further event, the Paganini Genova Festival has been running since 2017.
If you are interested in classical music and would like to know more about this great musician, then the Paganini tour is a must for you as it takes you to the chief places of Paganini’s life and career. This includes the Sala Paganini, where his violin – known as “Cannone” (cannon) because of its incredible sound – is preserved. Paganini insisted on bequeathing his instrument to the city – intending it should be “preserved for eternity”.
The tour is available all the year round; during the Paganini Genova Festival you can take part in concerts, cultural meetings, conferences and taste special products “to honor the name of Paganini”.

Fee (min. 3 participants) – € 30 (Sala Paganini ticket not included)