Long-term courses

Our long-term courses are ideal for students who wish to become fluent in Italian and who can spend months in Italy – studying the language and experiencing the real Italian way of life. Au-pairs, travelers, researchers – you can all be prepared to take an Italian certification exam, should such be your desire.
Should you require a visa, we can provide all the assistance in the process of applying for one.


levels: from A1
classes: 20 hours/week, Monday to Friday (50-minute class)
duration: up to 48 weeks
number of participants: min. Three max. 8
starting dates: every Monday (beginners excluded).
beginner courses starting dates 2023: every first Monday in the month

Level is assessed by way of an entry test and short interview, which can also be arranged via Skype, Meet or Zoom.


Please call us or send us an e-mail to ask for long-term course fees; prices can vary considerably depending on course duration.

included in fees

The following services are included in fees:
– preliminary interview via Skype, Meet or Zoom
– teaching assistance
– all course material and resources
– tailor-made teaching material
– accommodation services
– Wi-Fi and internet point
– information material about Genoa and Liguria
– certificate of attendance
– extra trips and hiking organization (San Fruttuoso, Camogli, Portofino, Cinque Terre, …)
– extra activities organization (pilates, sailing, folk dancing, cooking class ecc.)

visa for non-EU students

Upon request, Amalelingue can provide the following documents necessary to supplement any application for a student visa at the Italian Embassy in your country:
– enrolment certificate, provided that we receive confirmation from the bank of payment for the whole amount pertaining to the course;
– course payment receipt;
– leasing contract or hotel reservation, if arranged through Amalelingue.
If you have been refused a visa to enter Italy, please notify us in writing at least 20 days before beginning of the course and attach copy of the document issued by the Italian Embassy referring to refusal. Only in this case may students be refunded the total amount paid, minus € 100 to cover general expenses.
Students waiting for a visa are kindly requested to inform Amalelingue re any delays.

residence permit

Once in Italy, non-UE students need to apply for a residence permit no later than 8 days after arrival.

Here is how you can get it:

– go to a “sportello amico” at a post office and ask for the kit to issue your application. The kit includes a form in Italian and all the information to fill it properly;

– follow the instructions and provide all the required documentation.

Amalelingue can help you fill in the form and understand the instructions – which are in Italian.

how to enrol

If you want to enrol at our school, please follow these steps:

1. fill in the application form;
2. upon receipt of our written confirmation:

if you apply for a student visa pay
– the fee in full. 
Only upon receipt of the payment will your enrolment be considered valid.

if you do not apply for a student visa pay
– a deposit (30% total amount + € 50 annual registration fee). Only upon receipt of the deposit will your enrolment be considered valid.

balance to be paid in full at least 10 days before beginning of course.
(Please make sure you read our terms and conditions please click).