Exam preparation courses

Amalelingue prepares candidates for the following Italian language examinations (every level of competence, included B1 for the citizenship):

CILS (Certificate in Italian as a second language) University for foreigners in Siena;
CELI (Certificates of proficiency in Italian) University for foreigners in Perugia;
PLIDA (Italian language project) Dante Alighieri Society.

These courses are designed to help you to face the papers in the exam with confidence and to aspire to the best possible results: you will work on each and every area of the Italian exam (listening, reading, Italian grammar and vocabulary, writing and speaking).


These courses are usually individual, but we can organize courses for small groups of similar competence.
Course fees depend on the number of students involved and on the length of the preparation.



1 hr 10 hrs 20 hrs 30 hrs
€ 40 € 360 € 700 € 1.020

€ 50 annual registration fee is not included.

included in fees

The following services are included in fees:
– level assessment preliminary interview
– teaching assistance
– tailor-made teaching material
– previous exam sessions tests

how to enrol

If you want to enroll at our school, please follow these steps:

1. fill in the application form;
2. upon receipt of our written confirmation, please pay for your package (10, 20 or 30 hours) + € 50 annual registration fee). Only upon receipt of the payment will your enrolment be considered valid.
(Please make sure you read our terms and conditions  please click).