Italian in 2 hours or weekend

2 free hours?

Genova is the first Italian destination of your Mediterranean cruise? Follow Duane’s example and – in just 2 hours or a weekend – lay the foundations for a memorable stay in Italy.

(You will be) Italian in 2 hours

A 2-hour Italian class at Amalelingue can transform your trip in Italy and help you make the most of your Italian experience.
Learn just a handful of Italian words and phrases in a pleasant and relaxed way:
– a little bit of Italian language, to be able to greet someone, to introduce yourself, to order something to drink or to eat, to ask for information,…
– a little bit of Italian culture, to give “a good impression” on Italians
– some strategies which can help you to learn more Italian during your stay.
Available every day, weekends included.

Fee: € 120 (1 to 4 participants)
Italian in 2 hours is part of the Comune di Genova touristic offer.

(You will be) Italian in a day or weekend

In a day or a weekend

A limited time – just one day or a weekend – can be enough to learn some Italian or develop your competence. Amalelingue gives you the opportunity to have individual or group classes (same level of competence) even when schools are normally closed.

Duration: 12 hours (Friday to Sunday)

Individual classes € 492 + € 50 (annual registration fee)
In 2 € 390 (annual registration fee)
Mini group min 3 participants: € 240 (annual registration fee)

Fees are per person (VAT included).
Different solutions in terms of days/time are possible.The toggle content goes here, click the edit button to change this text.

how to enrol

If you want to enrol at our school, please follow these steps:

1. fill in the application form;
2. upon receipt of our written confirmation, please pay the fee in full + € 50 annual registration fee. Only upon receipt of the payment will your enrolment be considered valid.
(Please make sure you read our terms and conditions  please click).