Italian through movies


The Italian cinema is not just Neorealism, Fellini or Benigni. It is also smaller, less known productions, short movies or TV series appreciated by wide audiences all over the world.
The cinema and audiovisual means in general are pricelessly useful tools in the teaching/ learning process, since they present the whole communicative universe in its completeness, strictly connected to paralinguistic traits (intonation, rhythm, accent etc.)
Cultural contents emerge significantly and can be used as starting points to develop intercultural competence.
Essentially, learning a language through audio-visual aids is motivating and stimulating and above all… it works!

italian classes

Italian classes will be focusing on the analysis of selected scenes from some Italian movies, TV series or short films. A further study of soundtracks, costumes, sounds, photography and setting could also be comprised in the program.


levels: the course is intended for at least A2 level
duration: 1 week
frequency: 3 hours per day, Monday to Friday (50-minute lesson)
participants: min. 2
dates 2023: to be arranged. Other dates can be arranged upon request.
fee: € 180 + € 50 annual registration fee

how to enrol

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2. upon receipt of our written confirmation, please pay for the course (+ € 50 annual registration fee). Only upon receipt of the payment will your enrolment be considered valid.
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