Having a conversation is everyone’s goal when learning a foreign language. Communicating with others, expressing our opinions with confidence, but also chatting freely about this and that. And yet it’s difficult. How can we overcome our fears if we never speak?

Our conversation sessions will allow you to do just that: speak, in a restricted group, on useful and relevant topics.

The courses are tailored to students between the levels of B1 and C2 who would like to improve their oral skills and maintain a constant relationship to the Italian language.


duration: 5 hours (300 minutes), 1 hr once a week
timetable: Thursday from 19.00 to 20.00 or Sunday from 19.00 to 20.00 (Italian time)
number of participants: min. 3 – max. 6
fees: € 50
enrolment deadline: venerdì 15 gennaio 2021
starting date: Thursday 21st and Sunday 24th January 2021
platform: Meet

For further information, contact us.

included in fees

The following services are included in fees:
– preliminary interview
– all course material and resources
– tailor-made teaching material
– certificate of attendance.

how to enrol

If you want to enrol at our school, please follow these steps:

1. fill in the application form;
2. make the payment for your package (10, 20 or 30 hours) + € 50 annual registration fee. Only upon receiving the deposit your enrolment will be considered valid.
(Please make sure you read our terms and conditions  click here).