School guidelines

To get on better together

Adopting and complying with good rules of conduct are the prerequisite to any successful community living. We kindly invite students, teachers and staff to responsibly contribute towards a pleasant, clean and neat environment.
Amalelingue is also involved in pursuing energy saving policies, use of biocompatible materials and careful, separate waste disposal.

The following general rules shall apply:

  1. Access to the premises
    Permitted during school opening hours or during other activities promoted by the same school.
  2. Use of equipment
    • Equipment and furniture/furnishings must be handled and used correctly. Due reimbursement may be claimed by the School for any damage caused.
    • Printers, photocopiers, telephones and faxes are for the exclusive administrative use.
    • Books, magazines and materials can only be accessed exclusively on site.
  3. General rules of conduct/behavior
    • Smoking is prohibited on the premises.
    • Excessive noise and offensive or discriminatory behaviors  must be avoided.
    • Use of mobile phone during lessons is also prohibited. If necessary, please use the area outside the classroom making sure not to disturb the others on the premises.
    • Drinks and foods should be consumed during non-lesson times. Make sure to leave the tables and classroom clean and dispose of any waste by employing the appropriate containers provided.
    • Please respect the condominium regolations, particularly in reference to the use of the elevator.
    • Punctuality is to be considered a must.